Key Performance Indicators For Government And Non Profit Agencies. Implementing Winning Kpis

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Winning techniques and strategies for nonprofits and government agencies in creating successful and critical key performance indicators By exploring measures that have transformed businesses, David Parmenter has developed a methodology that is breathtaking in its simplicity and yet profound in its impact

Implementation variations and short cuts for government and not-for-profit organizations How to brainstorm performance measures Templates for reporting performance measures A resource kit for a consultant who is acting as a coach / facilitator to the in-house project team Also by David Parmenter Key Performance Indicators Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs, Second Edition Filled with numerous case studies and checklists to help readers develop their KPIs, this book shows government agencies and nonprofits how to select and implement winning key performance indicators to ensure that their performance management initiatives are successful.

Key Performance Indicators for Government and Nonprofit Agencies Implementing Winning KPIs is a proactive guide representing a significant shift in the way KPIs are developed and used, with an abundance of implementation tools for government agencies and nonprofit groups

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