Leading School Turnaround. How Successful Leaders Transform Low-Performing Schools

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Praise for Leading School Turnaround «Going beyond their previous considerable work on the study of leadership, Kenneth Leithwood, Alma Harris, and Tiiu Strauss now get up-close and detailed

They use their powerful framework for how school leaders influence student learning, but this time they get inside the 'how.' Practical, powerful, interesting, and insightful an indispensible resource for turnaround leaders. MICHAEL FULLAN, professor emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto The problem of bringing about change in those schools where it is needed most remains one of the most intractable challenges in school leadership

This book is written by international scholars who understand the complexities of this challenge

Unlike other volumes based on a single person's experience or a reading of the literature, these authors offer useful specific insights based on data about what leaders in schools that accomplish fundamental change actually do. PHILIP HALLINGER, Chair Professor of Leadership and Change, Hong Kong Institute of Education

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